Afterschool Enrichment

Please check back for updates

YHALE will offer an afterschool program that will include homework time, snack time, and social time. To provide a safe and convenient place for students to continue learning through other activities, YHALE plans to offer after school options such as Language classes, Taekwondo, Chess, Music, and Dance. These classes may be taught by school staff or outside instructors. These classes are extra. Parents will pay the vendor/instructor separately.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, many of our Enrichment Program instructors have been affected and/or have taken safety measures to protect themselves and their students.  Some of our partner instructors are not offering in-person instruction for Fall 2020. 

Programs listed below that have agreed to offer in-person instruction for Fall 2020 are in RED.  Programs that are offering on-line instruction are in BLUE.







Coding & Robotics

Language Supplement*

*Students who receive a teacher recomendation for KSOL & MSOL will have an after school option for free. All English enrichment classes are free of charge, other languages require a fee.