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Careful thought has been put into the YHALE uniform with consideration for comfort, ease of getting dressed, aesthetics & style, ease of cleaning, culture and cost. The purpose of uniforms for students is multi-fold. For YHALE, our main goals are to: 

1) Give our students a sense of belonging, pride, distinction and spirit for their school 
2) Establish a mindset for “school time” that is different than the rest of the day 
3) Establish importance & respect for the process of learning that school provides. 

Students should practice the discipline each school day to routinely get up, get ready and make themselves presentable for school. It’s a sign of self-respect as well as respect for our teachers, fellow students, school and education. However… to promote creativity & self-expression, uniforms aren’t required on Free Style Fridays! 

Girls and Boys Uniforms

Ordering Information

The school shirts with logo are required by the start of school and can be purchased online at www.myeasyschoolsupply.com . The shirts can be picked up at Orientation.

Warmer Months 

Top: White school polo shirt with school logo – purchase at www.myeasyschoolsupply.com 

TopsWhite polo with school logoWhite polo with school logo
BottomsNavy shorts, skirts or skortsNavy shorts or pants
HoiseryNavy or white socksNavy or white socks
ShoesDark, rubber soled shoes or tennis shoesDark, rubber soled shoes or tennis shoes

Cooler Months:

Top: Add school vest with school logo. The vest is worn over the white school polo shirt or as the weather gets cooler. White shirts under vest do not have to have school logo. Instructions for purchasing the vest will be sent to parents in September. 

TopsSchool vest with logo over long sleeve white poloSchool vest with logo over long sleeve white polo
BottomsNavy skirts with leggings/tights or pantsNavy pants
HoiseryNavy/white socks or white/navy tightsNavy or white socks
ShoesDark, rubber soled shoes or tennis shoesDark, rubber soled shoes or tennis shoes

The YHALE uniform is designed to be layered and changes as the weather changes so it stays comfortable and appropriate. It’s light during hot weather and layers as the weather cools. 

You may purchase the navy bottoms (shorts, pants, skirts, skorts, etc) on your own. They need to be dark navy. Nothing fancy but not athletic/sportswear. Pants may be slacks or twill or twill-like pants. Shorts are like pants but shorter – not athletic shorts. 

Additional insight into the YHALE Uniform 

The school colors are red, white and blue. Think the American flag – so dark red, white & navy to be exact. 

The school polo shirts can be used as the white shirt under the vest and eventually under the blazers. 

White shirts can be easily bleached to take out stains – other colors can’t. (But don’t bleach the whole shirt or the navy embroidered logo will get bleached too.) 

Bottoms are dark navy because that color can hide stains. (We have elementary school kids so stains are often inevitable for most kids this age!)

Label jackets, bookbags, water bottles, lunch boxes, clothes, etc. with your child’s name on it. There is a lost and found box near the entrance of the school.