Admissions Timeline

YHALE is still accepting applications for 2023-2024 school year.
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January 1, 2023

Application Submission Begins

To apply to YHALE for the 2023 – 2024 school year, please use the link below to create a Lotterease account. You will first register as a parent, and then complete an application for your student(s).


March 15, 2023

New student applications due by 11:59pm*

Late applications will be wait-listed in the order they are received after all the timely received applications are first seated or placed on the wait list if a lottery is necessary. If all available seats are not filled by applications received by the a above deadline and a lottery is not necessary, late applications will obtain available seats in the order in which they are received.

* Deadline for applicants who create their Lotterease account on 3/15/23 (between 12:00am and 11:59pm), is 2:59am on 3/16/23)

March 20, 2023

Lottery held if lottery is necessary, via public Zoom Meeting at 2pm

Meeting ID: 994 2579 2558
Passcode: yihwang

Applicants receive an email notification of acceptance or waitlist status. This email  includes the requirement of accepted applicants to confirm or deny their seat. Seat confirmation is required to receive an enrollment packet.

Accepted applicants in classes with a waitlist have 5 days, until 11:59pm on Saturday March 25, 2023 to confirm their seat, or be moved to the bottom of the waitlist.

March 25, 2023

Seat Confirmation deadline is at 11:59pm on March 25, 2023.

Accepted applicants must confirm acceptance of their seats by 11:59pm on Saturday March 25, 2023 to keep their seat.  If no confirmation is received for an accepted applicant by this deadline, he/she will then be moved to the bottom of the waitlist.

April 24, 2023

After parents confirm their child’s seat, they have 30 days to submit their child’s completed enrollment packets by 11:59pm on Monday, April 24, 2023.

If you have any questions, please email