Carpool & Parking

Carpool and parking guidelines.

At the beginning of each year, your child will be assigned a carpool number on a navy plastic sheet.  The sheet includes cut outs of 2 carpool tag hangers, for the rearview mirror of your cars and 2 small tags for child’s bookbag and lunch bag.

Kindergarteners & siblings (1, 2 & 5 grade): 

Follow the Red Line of the map.  This year we are implementing a separate drop off & pick up area just for kindergarteners & their siblings.  We realize that many kindergarteners are still using a 5-point harness in their car seats, and it takes just a wee bit longer to get in and out of vehicles when you’re that age.  So the back parking area by the playground is the designated Kindergarten carpool area so they can go a bit slower in and out of the vehicles. Be ready to have your children exit your car on the passenger side backseat door.

1st, 2nd & 5th graders: 

Follow the Purple Line of the map.  This line is just like last year.  Your child will be dropped off and loaded back up from the back seat of the driver side of your vehicle.  

3rd & 4th graders: 

Follow the Blue Line of the map for the “new” building at 4450 River Green Parkway.  PLEASE remember that the landlord requires that parents park in front of the building (facing River Green Parkway) and walk up to drop off & pick up your student.  

Morning drop off begins at 8:00. Students need to arrive before 8:25. Carpool ends at 8:25am.  After 8:25am, parents must park their cars and walk their student to the front door of each building. 

If students arrive after 8:30am, their parent needs to sign them in inside the building.    Classes begin at 8:30.

Afternoon carpool is between 3:30-4:00.

If you need to pick up your child before 3:30, arrive by 2:45 and check your student out.