Carpool & Parking

Carpool and parking guidelines.


At the beginning of each year, your child will be assigned a carpool number. Please keep these on hand in your vehicle.

We want to allow parents to be able to turn onto church property so that we are not backing up traffic on Old Peachtree Rd. In order to make this efficient, we would ask you follow our carpool guidelines:

Please seat your child on the passenger side.

Drive up to the end of the sidewalk to drop off your child.

Have your student ready to “pop out” of the car.

Unbuckle seat belt, have bookbags zipped and ready to go.

If you have items to drop off, please do so after carpool.

Be mindful of cell phone use, including texting (HB 673 – “Hands Free Law”).

Morning drop off begins at 8:00. Students need to arrive before 8:25. Classes begin at 8:30.

Afternoon carpool is between 3:30-3:50.

If you need to pick up your child before 3:30, arrive by 2:45 and check your student out.


There is designated parking for parents and staff at the far right end of the parking lot. Please do not park inside the carpool circle as it can disturb the carpool line during drop off and pick up.