Children’s Day

Children’s Day: Friday, May 5, 2023

The History of Children’s Day in Korea

May 5th is Children’s Day (어린이날) in South Korea – a day to celebrate children and their value to and in society. In 1923, writer and activist, Bang Jeong Hwan, introduced this holiday to promote children’s rights in a world and society where children were exploited. Originally, S. Korea celebrated this holiday on the first day of May. However, after World War II, it was moved to May 5th. Most children in South Korea celebrate this holiday like a second birthday.

The History of Children’s Day in China

It is celebrated on June 1st. The Chinese government established Children’s Day as a half day primary school holiday in 1949, later extending it to a full day in 1956. It’s a day celebrating the joys of playfulness and childhood, encouraging the recognition of children’s rights, along with their health and happiness.

Children’s Day: Friday, May 5, 2023 

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